10 Retirement Resolutions: Review Your Social Security Statement

US News and World Report had a little piece where they discussed some good New Year’s resolutions related to retirement and I thought that I’d put each of them through their paces. The sixth retirement resolution was to review your Social Security statement.

Watch for your Social Security statement in the mail each year, says Salisbury. Be sure to review it for accuracy and contact the Social Security Administration with any corrections.

I don’t know if I’d spend too much time checking out your social security statement because there isn’t much you can do about it. It’s important to know what your benefits are come retirement, just so that when you’re planning you have all the pertinent information.

When should you receive your social security statement? Your social security statement is automatically sent to you three months before your birthday. If you were born in March, expect your social security statement in December. If you really want your statement, you can request for your statement.

Source: US News and World Report






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    my and my husbands SS statement comes 6 MONTHS prior to our birthday because we have to pay income tax on it. we are penalized for being married!!!! thanks to PRES. REAGAN. IT IS TIME TO CHANGE THAT LAW!!!!! all the BIG SHOTS GET A RAISE why not SS RETIREES?