Burglaries in the 90s Compared to the 00s

Burglary is a crime which is always likely to be a part of life, whether you live in one of the big urban centres or in a rural location, making it equally likely that people will always need the financial security provided by home insurance cover. Home insurance policies from companies like endsleigh.co.uk, whether they are for home and contents or for just one of these areas, are what guarantee that we will not be left out of pocket should we suffer the loss of valuable items, or damage to our property, as a result of a burglary. However, although we will never stop burglaries entirely, has the rate for this crime risen or fallen since the 1990s?

Most people asked this question would probably answer that the rate of burglaries in the UK has risen since then, as we are regularly informed that Britain is becoming a more dangerous, crime-ridden place to live. However the actual evidence for the majority of the period between the 90s and the 00s demonstrates that the levels of burglary have been falling – indeed the burglary rates for 2010 were the lowest they have been for thirty years. This does not fit the picture of Britain portrayed in much of the mainstream media throughout the same period – suggesting that a certain amount of scaremongering has been taking place. While it is highly advisable for anyone to have a home insurance policy, for their home, contents, or both – there does not seem to be much evidence that people should be gripped by a continuous terror of crime.

It should be noted however that the burglary rate rose in the UK – by 14 percent – last year; the first such rise in a long time. In part this can perhaps be attributed to the effects of the recession, which is leaving many parts of the UK very short of money. If this is a significant factor in the rise, it may be the beginning of a reversal in the trend of falling burglary rates, because the country is likely to be in recession for some time. If nothing else this again emphasises that no-one with either a property or possessions that they value can afford to do without home insurance.






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  1. Renters insurance has saved us after burglary in the past, and it also has lead to replacement costs for my brother who had his racing bicycle stolen from his garage. Unfortunately, I don’t think this will increase in burglary and other petty thefts will be ending any time soon.