Carry Little to No Debt In Retirement

When you’re “retired,” you’re generally going to be on a pretty fixed income. You might take some odd jobs here or there to supplement your income and pass the time, you might try out paid volunteerism to put polished skills to work, but in general your income is going to be fixed. For that very reason, you want to keep your debt expenses as low as possible because it’s likely that your variable expenses, things like food, gas, etc., are going to increase as the years go on because of inflation.

So, unless you can truly afford it, looking years down the road, avoid taking on unnecessary debt because it can tap out your fixed income very quickly and force you back to working – something you likely wish to avoid when you’re officially retired. 🙂






One response to “Carry Little to No Debt In Retirement”

  1. Wise words, especially when you read that 1 in 4 UK retirees are carrying consumer debt into retirement!