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  • All About Mutual Fund Loads

    I avoid mutual funds with loads at all costs. A load is just another term for a sales commission or sales fee for a mutual fund. It’s paid by the mutual fund to a broker whenever they sell shares of that mutual fund, it’s exactly like a sales commission. It’s a perfectly legitimate way for […]

  • Lower Fees With Larger Balances

    As your retirement assets grow, you’ll start getting better treatment from the brokerage houses in the form of reduced fees and it’s something you should take advantage of. The reason for this is because they 1) want to keep your business; 2) the amount of work they do, which they charge in their fees, won’t […]

  • Vanguard Changes Fee Structure

    Recently Vanguard did away with all those small fees they charged for low balances, custodial charges, etc; and went with one fee for every fund in which you don’t have a balance over $10,000. If you don’t have $10,000, you can always opt for going all-electronic (or having over $100k) because that will get you […]

  • These are Things Six through Ten of the Ten Things Your 401(k) Provider Will Not Tell You courtesy of those brilliant folks over at Smart Money. 6. “…but you still aren’t diversified.” One interesting tidbit out of the article was the fact that the two most popular holdings in 401(k)s are stable-value funds and company […]

  • Ten Things Your 401K Provider Won’t Tell You, Part 1

    I love Smart Money’s series, Ten Things Your [Insert Someone Here] Won’t Tell You, because it really opens your eyes to some of the shady practices of some operations you may otherwise think are being honest and above board. In the latest installment, Smart Money takes a look at 401K’s and the little things that […]

  • Review Your 401K Plan Fees

    Some companies are large enough that they have their own institutional funds to offer their employees in the 401K, some companies aren’t and thus rely on the offerings of a large brokerage house like T. Rowe Price, Vanguard, or Fidelity. Either way, it’s crucial that you review the fund fees of the funds you’re invested […]