Category: Scams

  • Beware Scam Artists

    Even though the article is the date, the information in this Kiplinger’s article is still relevant because it touches on a very important topic – how to avoid con artists and prevent them from stealing your nest egg. The interesting part about the article isn’t so much that someone fell for a Ponzi scheme but […]

  • 401k Revenue Sharing Controversy

    There are two big points in a recent article in on the topic of hidden 401k fees. The first is the issue of “revenue sharing” between a 401k fund choice and the 401k’s plan administrators. Apparently what happens is that large investment companies are essentially offering a “kickback” to a plan administrator if they […]

  • Avoid Equity Index, IRA Rollover, and Swapping Annuities

    Annuities are very very complicated creatures in the investment world but break down into three major categories. A fixed annuity is like a CD, paying out a fixed rate that is guaranteed. Variable annuities are like mutual funds that can get you a higher rate of return if you can stomach the higher mutual-fund like […]