Free Ebooks for Seniors

There is a new program offering free ebooks for seniors. Once a month FREE ebooks will be donated to seniors through There are no gimmicks, fees, or hidden costs. We promise. And participating is simple. Just go to and sign up for the newsletter which simply highlights the upcoming books. Once you’re on the newsletter list, you’ll receive the ebooks for free.

And it gets better than that. You may not be limited just one book. For every book you claim, you may be sent another. Plus, there will be giveaways of $25 Amazon gift cards and a Kindle. Every book claimed within the first hour of the giveaway earns 5 chances to win a $25 gift card, plus 5 chances to win the grand prize of a Kindle. (Example: Claim five books and you get 25 chances to win a gift card and 25 chances to win the KINDLE.)

Don’t have a Kindle? No worries. There is a free Kindle app for just about any electronic device.
Their next Free Give Away will be quickly approaching in July, so sign up for the NOVEL SENIORS newsletter.

You can also always get free ebooks by visiting the Kindle Top 100 Free or a site like Hundred Zeros. There are lots of free ebooks for the Kindle out there.