Invest with Motifs – $150 Bonus

Get up to $150 when you start trading at Motif Investing. Learn more.A motif is a carefully researched and intelligently weighted portfolio of up to 30 stocks that reflect real-world trends and investment ideas. Create your own custom retirement motif for just $9.95. They have premade motifs in a variety of categories such as biotech breakthroughs and digital dollars. Select the one that comes closest to what you would like your retirement ETF to be and then you can customize it, their custom tools allow you to add or remove stocks from a motif at no extra cost. You can have up to 30 stocks in a motif. For a limited time you can also receive a $150 bonus when you open a Motif Investing account with at least $2000. You can read some of the bonus details below. For more information about Motif Investing or to open an account just click on one of the affiliate links in this post.

The cash bonus offer applies to new, approved Motif Investing brokerage accounts opened between 9/1/12 and 11/30/12 and funded with at least $2,000. The new funds must be posted to the account within 10 calendar days of account opening, and must remain in the account for 45 calendar days. The total bonus will be based on motif trades made within 45 calendar days of funding, as follows: 1 motif trade will receive $50; 3 motif trades will receive $75; 5 motif trades will receive $150. A motif trade is defined as a completed purchase or sale of a motif for $9.95 commission. Individual stock trades will not be considered as part of this offer. The cash bonus will be credited to the account within 30 days after the end of the 45-calendar-day period.