Lending Club No Fee IRA

You can open a self directed IRA at and pay no fees. Open your No-fee* IRA with a 401K Rollover, IRA Transfer or ROTH Conversion. Traditional, Roth, SEP and Simple IRA accounts are all available at Lending Club. To qualify for a No-Fee IRA through SDIRA Services you must have an initial minimum balance of $5,000 or more in Lending Club Notes and maintain this minimum invested balance for the first 12 months. To continue to qualify for the No-Fee IRA after the first year, you must maintain an invested balance of $10,000 or more in Lending Club Notes. All account balances are determined as of the last business day immediately prior to the anniversary date of the opening of your account. An annual fee of $100 applies to accounts that don’t meet these requirements. Lending Club reserves the right to modify or discontinue this offer at any time. See the SDIRA Services IRA Fee Schedule for a description of the Basic IRA asset type limitations on your Lending Club Self-Directed IRA Account.








2 responses to “Lending Club No Fee IRA”

  1. It’s good to see that there are places with offers that lead to no-fee IRAs and other similar deals. We use USAA for our banking and insurance, and might start using them for investments as well. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Andy Hough

    USAA is a good company for banking and insurance. I haven’t heard much about their investments, but I’d guess they are good too.