Retire on $20 a Day?

Can you really retire on $20 a day? That might be pushing the budget to the limit but according to the ebook “Vanabode” it is possible. Most of you probably are not open to the idea of living in a van but for those of you who are the book could be a valuable resource. Here are some of the claims made by the author.

I will show you how you can have the most incredible journey ever imagined while traveling all over the United States. I will show you how to happily camp, travel, and live forever on $20 a day. I will show you how TWO people can travel ANYWHERE in the United States together, how you will sleep in your own luxurious clean bed every night, how to have a hot bath, how to eat delicious meals, and how to experience incredible adventures for less than $40 a day total (about $20 per person). You will not skimp or feel neglected, bored or uncomfortable.

I have read the book and it does deliver the information needed to start living in a van. You could probably find most of this information yourself by searching around the internet. Buying this book though will make it much easier to find the information you need and it will be conveniently located in one place. If you are wanting to live in a van this book will make it much easier to develop a plan.

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One response to “Retire on $20 a Day?”

  1. That’s an interesting concept. DH and I being homebodies would rather live on a homestead, raise our own food and deal with the maintenance all that brings.

    But I have estimated that once we get all the homesteading systems set up, we’ll be able to live on less than $20,000 a year, which is less than $30/day/person.