Rolling Over Your 401(k) To Vanguard

I’ve rolled over two 401(k)’s into a Rollover IRA at Vanguard and both times the process was absolutely painless. If you’re thinking about taking advantage of Vanguard’s low fee index funds, and other mutual funds, then I think that rolling over a 401(k) is a great way to do it. The process is pretty easy and similar to rolling over to anywhere else.

First, you’ll need to open an account at, specifically you’ll want this page because it focuses on moving money to Vanguard. If you run into any trouble, you can always call up their retirement specialists at 800-414-1742 and get to a human being in a few minutes. After you follow those instructions, you’ll need to contact your current 401(k) custodian (brokerage firm) to let them know you intend to perform a trustee-to-trustee rollover.

The name you want the check made out to is Vanguard FTC and then have the check mailed either to you, where you will forward it to Vanguard, or directly to Vanguard. The information that is provided to you from Vanguard’s online form should tell you where everything should be sent.

If you already have a Rollover IRA at Vanguard, simply do everything as you did before and include a letter that instructs them on how to divide up the funds. The letter is simple, just write that you want a certain dollar amount or percentage in which funds and you’re all done.

As easy as it should always be. (I don’t know if any other brokerage is easier or harder, I just know that Vanguard’s never been a problem)


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