Working Retirees

October 6th, 2008  |  Published in Retirement  |  Comments Off on Working Retirees

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that employees aged 50 or over now make up 28% of the U.S. workforce and that, by 2016, that proportion will rise to 33.5%, or more than one in three.

I was pretty amazed at those BLS statistics, that over a quarter of the U.S. workforce is over the age of fifty and that number would rise so dramatically over the next eight years. However, if you’re over 50, it’s only a sign that a greater number of your peers is looking towards working through their retirement as well. It’s important to start planning for that now if you’re if you’ll want to do the same.

Retiring Where the Jobs Are [CNN Money]

AARP Financial Guide to Working With Older Clients

May 15th, 2008  |  Published in Retirement  |  Comments Off on AARP Financial Guide to Working With Older Clients

Consumerist offered this gem up the other day, a forty-page document released by the AARP called “A Financial Professional’s Guide to Working With Older Clients” (PDF).

The first 18 pages were written for financial professionals and you can probably skip them. As a potential client, on the service provider-client side of the relationship, you could read the first 18 pages if you want to know what you need to be asking someone advising you. If you don’t plan on working with an adviser, you can skip it entirely.

On page 19, it starts discussing the issues that concern retirees and older clients. Not all of these will apply to you but it’s good to know what your peers are concerned about because you might be concerned too and just not know it! It covers social issues, family issues, generational issues, physical impairments (hearing, vision, disability), mental impairments, as well as written & online communications.

It’s a very quick read and gives you something to think about.