Tag: Self-Directed IRA

  • Lending Club Self-Directed IRA

    Lending Club offers a self-directed no-fee IRA. This will allow you to invest your IRA money in any investment that is approved by the U.S. government to be held in an IRA. They would probably prefer you to invest in Lending Club notes, which have average 9.6% returns, but you have the option of investing […]

  • Investing in Wine, Art, Collectibles

    I always thought of investing in collectibles such as wine, scotch, or art, as something the fantastically wealthy did as they played polo on their front lawn and retired to their private libraries to smoke their fancy cigars. That got me thinking for a moment and wondering if investing in collectibles is something that the […]

  • What Is A Self-Directed IRA?

    A self-directed IRA is a type of Traditional or Roth IRA in which you’re allowed to invest in things other than stocks, bonds, or mutual funds – such as investing directly in a hot new biotechnology or traditional technology startup. In fact, it’s the only way you’d be able to invest your IRA dollars into […]