Tag: Target Retirement Funds

  • 5 Questions You Should Ask About Target Date Retirement Funds

    A Target Date Retirement Fund seems like an easy way to save for your retirement.  You just invest your money in the fund that matches your planned retirement date and you are all set.  Of course, investing for retirement is not that easy.  There are several questions you should ask when deciding to use a […]

  • Target Retirement Funds May Not Be Better

    Conventional wisdom states that you should take risks when you’re younger, become more conservative when you’re older, and your finances will be better off for it. This is embodied in the typical advice for asset allocation – take 120, subtract your age, and you should have that value, as a percent, allocated towards equities in […]

  • Lifestyle vs. Life-Cycle Funds

    A Lifestyle Fund and a Life-Cycle Fund are two totally different types of mutual funds, despite the presence of “life” in both of their names. In fact, they are so radically different that to invest in one when you meant the other could be classified as a very bad move. Life-cycle Funds Life-cycle funds, or […]