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  • Warren Buffett’s Metric Says BUY!

    Famed investor Warren Buffett has a metric that says the best time to buy stocks is when the total market value of U.S. stocks is 70-80% of the output of the U.S. economy, the gross national product. Stock quotes are the source of this information. Well, that’s where stocks were in late January, when the […]

  • Copycat Portfolios Are Dangerous

    A recent Yahoo Finance article about copycat investing discusses the dangers of copycat investing, that is, copying the investment portfolios of some successful investors like Warren Buffett. It lists asset diversity, investment horizons, institutional knowledge/research, and cost as the main reasons why copy someone else may be a bad idea. I personally think that asset […]

  • Four Investment Tips from Tom Gayner

    Tom Gayner is the Chief Investment Officer of Markel and one of the premier investors in the world. He’s so good that Legg Mason’s Bill Miller, a phenom in his own right, said that Gayner would make the perfect CIO at Berkshire Hathaway. Gayner has four investment tips gleaned from his comments by the Motley […]