The Best Places to Retire Abroad

Forbes recently published an article revealing their picks for the top 12 foreign retirement havens. The countries included in their list are Panama, Italy, Australia, Ireland, France, Spain, Canada, New Zealand, Uruguay, Malta, South Africa, and Ecuador.

The most common reason for retiring abroad is to reduce living costs but it seems that many of the countries on this list would not be much cheaper than the United States. Even Panama which is often touted as a low cost destination did not seem especially cheap to me when I visited there last year.

Of course there are many factors in choosing where to retire besides just cost of living. Some of those include residency, taxation, health care, safety and stability, weather, and how convenient it is to visit friends and family still living in the U.S. If you are considering retiring abroad you might want to check out the article on “10 Questions to ask before you retire abroad.”





3 responses to “The Best Places to Retire Abroad”

  1. I’ve heard a lot of Brits are moving to Bulgaria. You don’t even need health insurance because the medical care is so reasonable. People can live like kings. It may lead to an onslaught of more Europeans to go there.

  2. Interesting article and yes there are many issues to consider before moving anywhere. Whether you are single or married is important in selecting a country to move to, as is also your political persuasion (and that of the country you are moving to). I do not believe in Top 10 lists, as they are nothing but some type of average of various factors (some of which may not be important to you and others which are more important).

  3. I would consider Cuba, I have been there many times, the medical system is good and all other cost are very low.