3 Quick Ways To Save Money

If you’re in or near retirement, the performance of the stock market probably has you rattled – that’s perfectly normal. The best thing you can do is reduce your expenses as much as possible so that you can let your investments, those investments that have lost quite a bit of value, stay in your accounts for as long as possible. Here are five quick ways to save money.

  1. Carpool: Fuel prices have come down a lot lately but carpooling is still one of the easiest ways to save money. By not driving, you both reduce the impact of gas on your wallet but also on the environment as well.
  2. Comparison Shop for Insurance: Every year, you should take a look at your insurance coverages to see if you can save some money on the coverages you have. One prime example is if your situation has changed and isn’t reflected in your coverages. Maybe you got rid of your car, did you remember to let the insurer know?
  3. Senior Discounts: Plenty of stores and restaurants offer a senior discount, just ask! Don’t assume that they will automatically give you a discount that you’re due. Look at it this way, if they don’t, it just means you look young. If they do, take that money to the bank! 🙂






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