95th Festival of Frugality

My Retirement Blog is honored to host this week’s Festival of Frugality as the 95th edition finds its home here for the first time. Without much ado, here is the festival:

Gems of the Week

Food, Groceries, Couponing

In The Household

Everything Else

Next week the Festival of Frugality moves to FIRE Finance so submit your entries early and often!






17 responses to “95th Festival of Frugality”

  1. juicefairy


    Thanks for the link. While I appreciate all of the coverage I think the person you intended to link to under “Gems of the Week” will be disappointed. I do really want to read about generic brand meds too 🙂

  2. retirehappy

    Whoops 🙂

  3. Neat festival! Thanks for hosting and including our post. Keep up the good job.
    FIRE Finance

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  5. A wholehearted thanks for the opportunity to join this carnival. Love the list of frugal tips!!

  6. What an interesting variety of articles this time around!

  7. Thanks for including my post. Great job hosting!

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