America’s Most Livable Places to Retire

You’ve worked so hard to get to this point; you don’t want to spend your Golden Years rusting away in a city that’s not a good fit. You don’t ask for much: affordable housing, social and recreational opportunities, continuing education, quality health care options and a climate that suits you.

The editors at have eliminated much of the guesswork and compiled a list of the best places to retire based on accessibility, affordable and diverse housing options, a rich arts and cultural scene, opportunities for continuing education, and availability of health-care services, among others. highlights these cities’ attributes through engaging editorial; stunning, original photography, video tours and testimonials from other retirees.

A few of the featured cities for retirement include:

Danville, KY

Harlingen, TX

Mt. Juliet, TN

Burlington, VT

Go to to see their full list of retirement cities.





4 responses to “America’s Most Livable Places to Retire”

  1. Love your list. I have some of those places on my list.
    You can view my list compiled by author Warren Bland at:

  2. Although I’m a Texan writer, I’ve always felt that Vermont, home of Howard Dean, must be a wonderful place–despite all that snow!

  3. So excited to see Mt. Juliet on the list! Only miles from family I have in Tn. Goodbye South Carolina and hello Tennessee!

  4. Here is a great article I recently came across showcasing the worst areas of the United States to retire in: