Book Giveaway: “Retirement Breakthrough”

retirement breakthrough I was recently give a copy of the book, “Retirement Breakthrough: The Safe, Secure Way to Guaranteed Income You Can’t Outlive–in Any Economy” for review. As I usually do I am having a giveaway of the book as well, after the review you can find out how to win your own copy of the book.

This book focuses on what it considers to be safe investments and also makes tax savings a priority. The author recommends investing in life insurance and annuities. He also discusses how to get the most out of your IRA or QP and your house. Information on how to protect your assets from claimants is included as well.

The author does a good job of describing the different types of cash value life insurance and annuities. I’m still not convinced that life insurance is a good retirement investment due to its high cost and low returns but I could see some situations in which it would be a reasonable purchase. Annuities could be a good addition to your retirement portfolio but you need to choose your annuity carefully to avoid paying to much in fees and receiving a below average return. This book seems to be targeted at high earners who need investments that will save them money on taxes and keep their money protected from claimants.

If you would like to win a copy of this book just leave a comment on this post. A winner will be drawn at random this Friday. One entry per person and entrants must have a U.S. mailing address. This post does include affiliate links.





6 responses to “Book Giveaway: “Retirement Breakthrough””

  1. Andy Hough

    This comment is to make it easier for others to find the comments.

  2. Will P

    Hi. I finished your last book give away and would like this one as well. Thanks.

  3. Jane

    Ah, retirement! Count me in for the book giveaway.

  4. Jeff

    Sounds like an interesting book. Please count me in on the giveaway. Thanks!

  5. Rebecca Frerichs

    Sounds like an informative book! I’d like to learn more about retirement.

  6. Steve

    Helping my mother, sister, and myself get our retirements in order. You’d be helping three families at once with a copy of this book.