Book Review: Joy Compass

I am calling this a book review but Joy Compass is actually more than a book. It is also a website community. Joy Compass is an interactive book to help you plan an active, fulfilling life following full-time employment. This life can include work, volunteering, travel, learning and anything else your heart desires. Their program provides the tools to help you make the best and most rewarding use of your time and energies. They call it the next best alternative to a retirement planning seminar. It is also a community website that taps into the collective intelligence of members who have successfully moved beyond the nine-to-five and are happy to share their stories and ideas.

I spent a little time browsing the website and the book and they do seem to deliver what they promise. As I’m still quite a few years away from retirement I am not really part of the target audience. If you are interested in finding out more I suggest you visit the Joy Compass website. It is chock full of information and it describes what Joy Compass is much better than I can do in a review post. They allow you to try the book risk-free for 90 days. That will allow you plenty of time to decide whether it is right for you.






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