Car Insurance Bumped

Insuring a car can be expensive to do, but it doesn’t have to be, as there are many ways in which the consumer can get their hands on cheap car insurance quotes.

To insure a vehicle is a legal requirement and there are many insurance companies that offer car insurance policies that are tailored to the individual’s need and budget.

A car insurance policy needs to be renewed on the same date every year and although the policy that is currently running seems to suit your needs and requirements now, this may not be so when it comes up for renewal.

Allowing a car insurance policy to automatically renew itself can lead to the monthly, or yearly, payment being bumped up and as such, it is always worth, a few weeks before your policy is due for renewal, shopping around and getting quotes from other insurance companies. This can potentially save you a substantial amount of money.

Being a sensible driver can also help as the number of years you have of a no claims bonus can entitle you to heft discounts from some insurers, as, by not claiming on the insurance policy for an accident or theft from the vehicle for example, proves to the insurer that you are not a risky driver. Claiming on the insurance policy will see the cost of the monthly installments rise significantly the following year.

Keeping your insurance policy to a minimum can also help to save money as, if you add extras onto it such as legal protection, breakdown assistance and the use of a courtesy car should your own vehicle be damaged in an accident and therefore off the road for a while, can all add extra cost. Paying for a comprehensive insurance policy when you drive an old vehicle can be false economy and insurance providers may suggest a third party, fire and theft policy better suits your needs.

Car insurance for young drivers is something that is worried about, particularly by parents of those who have passed their test but are still under the age of 25. Shopping around can help you find the best deal but the choice of the car for your youngster can go a long way in helping to keep cost down.

A sensible, middle of the road vehicle will cost substantially less that a vehicle which has had improvements to it, such as alloy wheels for example and it is worth encouraging your youngster to keep their annual mileage down as low as they can. Enrolling them onto an advanced driving course will also be beneficial as any tests they pass proving that they are a sensible driver will go a long way in reducing car insurance for young drivers.