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  • How You Can Start Saving and Retire Years Before You Planned

    The goal of millions of people is to be able to retire comfortably without having to worry about money ever again. This is going to take dedication as poor financial management can lead a person to delay their retirement for decades or permanently. A majority of us do not want to work until we cannot […]

  • Common Health Problems for the Elderly

    Common Health Problems for the Elderly   As you’re planning for your retirement by figuring out your financial situation and exploring your options for life insurance in San Antonio, it’s also a great idea to familiarize yourself with some of the health complications you can expect in your golden years. Knowing what those health conditions […]

  • When Can I Retire? When Should I Retire?

    While most of us would dearly love to retire as soon as possible – tomorrow if we could – the reality of life is such that a lot of factors conspire to push the magical date of retirement further and further away. A common irony exists however, that as we do get closer to our […]

  • Investors Leverage Securities Tied to Free Software

    Investors and brokers have long argued back and forth about whether or not software developed around an open-source model will ever turn a profit. Plenty of vendors have lost a significant amount of money by giving away their products for nothing, and these companies ultimately dragged some unfortunate portfolios down with them. The market is […]

  • How to Get a Personal Loan When You Have Bad Credit

    Debtholders with a below average credit score are often afraid that they will be unable to obtain a personal loan. Raising your credit score in order to meet the standard lending rate is not the only way to receive one. If you have bad credit and wish to get around high-interest rates, here are some […]

  • Three Financial Threats to a Peaceful Retirement

    Three Financial Threats to a Peaceful Retirement After spending all your life in the rat race, retirement is supposed to be the time when you can kick back, relax, and rest on your laurels. Unfortunately, the grim reality for many is that retirement is hardly a time of relaxation. Many retirees have debts that are […]

  • How Many Installment Loans Should I Have

    Installment loans are a typical part of every adult’s life. Even if there is enough cash to go around, to pay upfront for everything you need in life, installment loans still happen. These do help to build credit but at the same time, can be detrimental to your credit score should you default on the […]

  • No Win No Fee Claims: What Are They Really?

    In recent years you may have heard the term ‘no win, no fee’ mentioned a lot in the newspapers and on television but are you 100% you know what it means? There is a lot of confusion surrounding the term, a lot of which has led to misunderstandings and people losing out on money they […]

  • Why Having A Will Matters

    As you get older different things become more important than at other times in your life. If you are lucky enough to have close family, children or grandchildren, the idea of providing for them and helping them on their way is something that increases day by day. Having peace of mind that loved ones will […]