Category: Estate Planning

  • Why You Should Prepare Your Will Now

    Thinking about the future, the varied results, and those who could be affected, is very important. Everyone wants to ensure their family is taken care of, but when that time comes, people are often caught unaware. It is an eventuality that needs to be seen to, and you should feel comfortable confronting it. It’s best […]

  • Write Your Will Right Now

    If you don’t have a Last Will and Testament, head over to ILRG Legal Forms Archive’s Estate Planning section and fill out one of their templates. I just went to their Last Will and Testament (Married Adult with No Children) template, chose my state, and filled one out. You’ll have to read the law regarding […]

  • Avoid Life Settlements

    A life settlement is when a third party buys your life insurance policy. The payment for the life settlement is often more than the cash surrender value of the policy but less than the death benefit. It’s a good idea only if you would otherwise be surrendering the life insurance policy or would allow it […]

  • Last Will and Testament Advice: Have One!

    It’s never too early and never too late to draft a Last Will and Testament, if you don’t have one… get one! When it comes to Wills, you can make it as complicated or as simple as you needs require. It can be as simple as bequeathing all your worldly belongings or as complicated as […]