Write Your Will Right Now

If you don’t have a Last Will and Testament, head over to ILRG Legal Forms Archive’s Estate Planning section and fill out one of their templates. I just went to their Last Will and Testament (Married Adult with No Children) template, chose my state, and filled one out. You’ll have to read the law regarding Last Will and Testaments for your state to make it official but by having this document, signed with Witnesses, you at least have something. Right now, you have nothing. There is nothing that indicates what you’d like done in the event of something bad happening.

This isn’t something you should do instead of drafting an official Last Will and Testament, with the assistance of an attorney, it’s just something quick you can do now while you hem and haw about actually getting it done. 🙂






One response to “Write Your Will Right Now”

  1. Online estate planning forms must be used with caution and may be worse than nothing at all in some cases.