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  • Helpful Ways to Retire Without a Mortgage

    The goal of all retirement financial planning is simple—you need to be earning more in passive income than you spend each month. Retirement doesn’t necessarily happen at age 65. For some it happens much earlier in life due to good business decisions, inheritances, etc. For others, it never happens! One of the best ways to […]

  • How Much Should You be Saving?

    The following is a guest post. When you are young, retirement seems to be a lifetime away. Being told that you should save for that day is difficult to comprehend. But the fact of the matter is that even if we are young and healthy and fit, we have parents and grandparents who are older […]

  • Retirement, Saving and the Base Rate

    By the time we retire, we (should) all aim to have enough money set aside to ensure a comfortable standard of living in our latter years. The way we do that can differ: some people put their trust in pensions; others in property; others in stocks and shares; still others in a combination of investments. […]

  • Elderly Investing in Property

    Real estate loans are often marketed to young professionals that are often just starting out in life. These individuals seem to be the ideal property buyers but they often do not have the financial assets to qualify for a loan. The group of people that could benefit the most from real estate loans are older […]

  • The Most Effective Ways to Save

    The current economic climate is not beneficial for savers. Low interest rates and the rising cost of living make it difficult for most households to save. Careful planning can, however, help maximise the rate of return on any savings made. The most important thing to consider when deciding where to place savings is what they […]

  • Southern Scotland paying the highest energy rates in Britain

    Research recently conducted by comparison site electricity prices, has shown that the residents of southern Scotland pay the most for their dual fuel supply, compared with the rest of Britain. Moneysupermarket’s aim was to find out just how much people were overpaying by on their energy, in order to encourage them to take a […]

  • Car Insurance Bumped

    Insuring a car can be expensive to do, but it doesn’t have to be, as there are many ways in which the consumer can get their hands on cheap car insurance quotes. To insure a vehicle is a legal requirement and there are many insurance companies that offer car insurance policies that are tailored to […]