Check Diversification Across All Retirement Accounts

After years of working, changing jobs, and rolling around 401(k)’s and all the other accounts, it starts to get a little complicated and choatic in terms of getting all the accounts in order. One of the easiest things to do is lose track of your asset diversification because of all the different accounts and it’s one of the dangerous things to do. When all of your retirement money is in one account, it’s easy to calculate the percentage you have in stocks and bonds; when it’s across multiple accounts, it’s much harder. You have to login, record all the funds you might have, check the fund diversification, then calculate the dollar amount in each type, then aggregate all the numbers so you have a total picture. However, just because it’s easy to lose track of it doesn’t excuse it. You really need to keep track of all of your funds because it’s your future at stake.

So, take fifteen minutes today and login to all of your accounts, check that your asset diversification is what it should be. You’ll thank me in however many years later (when you retire!).






One response to “Check Diversification Across All Retirement Accounts”

  1. Or…. use Quicken / Money and have all that done automatically for you with the click of a mouse.