Five Great Senior Citizen Discounts

Some people lament growing older, some people celebrate it. Well, now both groups have five great reasons to celebrate (even more!). The latest article on retirement identifies five great opportunities for seniors to pull the age card and get themselves discounts.

Baseball Tickets

More and more teams are offering Senior Days, with discounted tickets, or promotions aimed at seniors. The Baltimore Orioles are having a giveaway where the first 3,000 55+ ticketholders will get a free tote bag and seat cushions!

Cell Phone Plans

Cell phone carriers are now offering special promotional rates and plans for seniors who would like a cell phone but won’t need 1000 minutes a month. AT&T has a Senior Nation 200 plan and Verizon has the Nationwide 65 Plus plan for only $30 a month.


If you like to ski and you’re willing to head out to Monarch Mountain in Colorado, you can ski for free if you’re 70 or older. Eric Ramsey makes a good point:

“We look at it like if you’re still skiing at 70 years old you deserve to be skiing for free,” says Eric Ramsey, a spokesman for the resort.

Senior-Specific Bank Account

We discussed the best bank account for seniors in the past but this article lists a few good contenders: “Bank of America’s Advantage of Seniors checking, Wachovia’s Crown Classic Banking and Access Fifty Checking and Wells Fargo’s Elder Services all target seniors with perks like no-fee travelers checks, free or discounted bill pay, preferred rates on money market savings, CDs and IRA accounts, and free or discounted identity protection.”

Senior Pets

If you don’t have the energy for a young rambunctious puppy, consider a senior pet. “The Progressive Animal Welfare Society’s (PAWS) “Seniors for Seniors” program matches senior (seven and over) cats and dogs with senior (60 and over) humans at a reduced rate of $35, almost a 50% discount.”