Free Professional Financial Advice from NAPFA

On August 17th and August 30th, you can get free financial advice from fee-only planners, courtesy of Kiplinger’s. It’ll be the sixth time Kiplinger’s has done this and they’re working with the National Association of Personal Finance Advisors (NAPFA) from 9am to 6pm, fielding calls on 888-919-2345 and emails at

Here are more details:

Normally, these fee-only planners, who are well versed in investments, taxes, insurance, estate planning and saving for college and retirement, charge clients $100 to $250 an hour. But on Jump-Start Days, you don’t pay a cent — not even for the phone call. Just dial 888-919-2345 and a NAPFA adviser will respond to your question. Or, if you prefer, you can e-mail your question in advance starting August 1 to and a NAPFA adviser will reply on one of the Jump-Start dates.

To make the most of your financial checkup, gather together any relevant records, such as mutual fund statements or your 401(k) menu of investment choices. If your questions are too complex to be answered on the spot, you may be directed to NAPFA’s Web site, where you can look for a planner in your area.






3 responses to “Free Professional Financial Advice from NAPFA”

  1. Myra

    Great blog! I tried this, and the email provided didn’t work. I found a different one –, and I did get a response. I gave some fairly detailed information about my income, loan balances and interest rates and savings goals, and asked about how to balance paying off debt with saving. The response was minimally useful (a starting point, as the advisor pointed out), but not very in depth and not entirely accurate. So, it was definitely worth it, but just use the right email address!

  2. Don Baggett

    I would like to use an Independent Financial Planner.
    My wife would like to use a broker that sells annuities among other products.

    Are there any peer reviewed studies of the separate practices which might help me prove that an independent planner is better


    We are retired and have had a F A help us for over 5 years. Are the “fees” you suggest a one time thing? Or is it something that is paid every year?
    Is the fee based on Total Net Worth or just $$$$money$$$$?
    How can we investigate the company they work for and/or them individually?
    Thanks very much.