Most Affordable Places to Retire

These days, the idea of retirement can be a little scary. With the stock marke’s fall last year, taking 401(k) and IRA account balances with them, and the cost of everything going up, the thought of going onto a fixed income and retiring from your job is very daunting. Fortunately, one thing you can do to help mitigate all those risks is move to a place in the United States, or beyond, that favors retirees.

That’s why I always enjoy articles that point out the best and most affordable places to retire. Whether it’s because of good home prices or a lower cost of living or just favorable tax benefits for retirees, these lists offer a great start if you’re deciding on a move.

BusinessWeek has published their latest survey of the best places to live and tops on the list is Tucson, Arizona. With 284 sunny days and a cost of living index of 109.44, so close to average (100) in the US.

Tucson, home of the University of Arizona, is a scenic, affordable place to retire. It is surrounded by mountains and the dry beauty of the Sonoran desert. It has its own airport, just six miles from downtown Tucson, more than 100 parks, a good public transportation system, and plenty of public and private golf courses. The university and University Medical Center are among of the state’s largest employers.






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  1. Alex

    Yeah, but you would have to live in Tucson. Nuff Said.