Retirement Article Roundup

Since I have been too lazy to write my own posts for this blog lately I thought I would share with you a few retirement related posts from the past couple Carnival of Personal Finance and elsewhere.

  • “How to select the right IRA beneficiary” from Wealth Pilgrim.  He basically says the youngest beneficiary is the best beneficiary but read the post to see why.
  • “Ways to trick yourself into saving for retirement” from Pop Economics.  These are some simple behavioral adjustments that could help you save more for retirement.  Plus the site has cool art.
  • “Traditional and Roth IRA contributions and phaseouts” from Smart On Money.  This is something I have posted on before but this post sums up the subject nicely.
  • “Living to 100 and beyond: How will it affect your retirement plans?” from Invest it Wisely.  Living a really long time will definitely impact your retirement plans.

There are always plenty of interesting articles on retirement.  I will post a new article here later in the week.





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  1. Thanks for the mention!

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