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  • Tipd 2.0 Launches

    Tipd 2.0 launched today with some fanfare, announcing over 6600+ total users, 12,000 news submissions, and over 70,000 Tipd votes. It’s growing by 60 new users a day with more than a hundred new stories being submitted every single day. The site has grown by leaps and bounds and it’s clear that this is a […]

  • Tip’d Launches

    Tipd, financial news, a social media money site I wrote about a scant few weeks ago, has exited beta with a few new features, including one that will make most bloggers smile – straight HTML links from published stories. For bloggers, links are the currency of the internet and it’s great to see Tipd offering […]

  • Tipd: Social Money News Site

    Last Tuesday, a new social media site launched named Tipd. Social media news sites are sites like Digg and reddit and others that let the users submit and vote on stories, tip them, to choose which get published and which get buried. It’s a great way for you to learn the news the community finds […]