Tip’d Launches

Tipd, financial news, a social media money site I wrote about a scant few weeks ago, has exited beta with a few new features, including one that will make most bloggers smile – straight HTML links from published stories. For bloggers, links are the currency of the internet and it’s great to see Tipd offering that type of thing.

As a reader, the level of interaction has gone up with your votes to Topple, that is voting down a story, becoming more important. Toppling is a way for readers to communicate their distaste for a particular story and lets readers police the site.

There are a few other features of note such as the addition of two new categories – Business and Entrepreneurship, plus some usability features like the how long a story has been popular.

It’s clear the Tipd team is working hard to try to provide the best service possible so I try to use it daily. If you aren’t on the site, please consider checking it out as it has a lot of fantastic investing and personal finance news posted daily.






3 responses to “Tip’d Launches”

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  2. I think your articles are really interesting. I am not sure I understand the social money sites but I will give it a try. As a retiree I am paying special attention to the current volatile equity markets and doing more research on investing. Probably stuff I should have been doing before I retired!

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