Talking With Your Family About Retirement

Americans for Secure Retirement (ASR) has suggestions on how to discuss retirement with your family. The questions they suggest you use to guide your discussion are: When am I hoping to retire?, Am I making use of an employer-sponsored retirement plan?, Am I on-track with my retirement savings?, What will my expenses be in retirement?,Where will my retirement income come from? How reliant am I on personal savings?, and How should I manage my retirement savings?

Coming up with the answers to these questions isn’t easy. It is clear that many, many Americans face challenges in preparing for a secure retirement – in particular ensuring that their savings last. ASR feels that annuities are the only product that can provide Americans with a guaranteed stream of lifetime income through retirement – a “paycheck for life” – to ensure that they will not outlive their income. To learn more about the need for guaranteed lifetime income please visit:







2 responses to “Talking With Your Family About Retirement”

  1. I recall recently making a comment on a comment on a blog post from you about the good, band, and ugly about annuities, which are not good for everyone, and expensive. Why do you keep pushing annuities so hard? Do you sell annuities for a living?

  2. Andy Hough

    I don’t feel that I am pushing annuities. I agree with you that they are not good for everyone. I don’t own any myself and I don’t plan on buying any in the near future. That just happens to be what this post was about. I didn’t receive any compensation for this post and I don’t sell annuities for a living.