The 7 Deadly Retirement Sins

I was provided with a free copy of the book, The 7 Deadly Retirement Sins to review. Since the book is about retirement and this a blog about retirement the book seemed like a good fit and after reading the book I can say it will be of interest to many of the readers of this blog.

Many financial books, especially ones about retirement, can be dry and difficult to read. The author avoids that by making the book a story about a young journalist who is interviewing retirees about the mistakes they made in retirement. Looking at these mistakes, one can see which of the seven deadly retirement sins caused the retirees problems in their retirement.

I won’t give away all of the retirement sins, but some of them are retiring too early or living above your means, improper investment allocation, and collecting Social Security at the wrong time. The author, Ryan Zacharczyk, is a certified financial planner and that experience is reflected in his investment advice. The story takes up the first two thirds of the book and the last third is financial advice from the author based on the stories shared in the first part of the book. This method makes retirement planning advice more interesting than it normally would be. This book would be a good pick for those who have trouble staying interested in more typical retirement books.






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