The Top 100 Cheapest Places to Retire in the United States

If you are looking for a cheap place to retire in the United States then the book, The Top 100 Cheapest Places To Retire In The U.S. In 2012, might be for you. The book is by Thomas C. Corley,a CPA, Certified Financial Planner and tax strategist. His website is at and the book is available for purchase there.

The purpose of the book is to determine which states and which communities offer the best and most affordable retirement options. To make that determination they analyzed over 3,020 select cities, towns and communities across the United States for ten key factors and applied a proprietary scoring formula to each factor to determine which communities ranked highest as the best of the cheapest places to retire in the U.S. For each city, town or community they focused on the following ten key retirement factors:
1. Lowest Housing Costs
2. Lowest Property Tax
3. Lowest Sales Tax
4. Best Climate
5. Lowest Crime Rate
6. Lowest Income Tax
7. Closest to Major or Regional Metropolitan Areas
8. Closest to Hospitals
9. Closest to Airports
10. Closest to Beaches or Coastlines

Since climate is an important factor in their ranking there are lots of communities in Florida and Texas included in this book and the South in general is heavily represented. There are a few communities in the North and Pacific Northwest included as well. The communities range from small towns to mid-size cities although most of the communities are rather small. Most of the places are within a reasonable drive of a larger city though which would make it possible to occasionally enjoy the amenities of a larger city without breaking the bank.

Since the details of the ten key retirement factors are included for each community you can determine which factors are most important to you and make your own decision as to which community would be the best fit for your retirement. If you are unsure whether you want to buy the book you can visit and download a free report that will give you a sample of the places included in the book.






6 responses to “The Top 100 Cheapest Places to Retire in the United States”

  1. Retirement planning and lots more!

  2. Bob Socks

    I would like to know how Titusville, Fl was selected…..# 31 on the list….Please e-mail me back. Thanks, Bob

  3. One of the problems with the qualities on the list is that they’re often characteristic of areas that are fairly remote. This could mean isolation from family, top quality medical facilities and cultural facilities and attractions. It may even help to be near a large well established area just in case employment is needed to supplement retirement savings and pension.

    It might be better to aim a little higher and salt away more for retirement. You can do without many things for a time, but eventually you’ll want to go back to what you know and those qualities you rely on.

  4. Very interesting article. When I choose to retire I think that I am going to retire to Ft. Lauderdale Florida. Then I could go on all the last minute Caribbean cruises for cheap. If not ill stick with the Pacific NW!

  5. With all the categories mentioned it would also be helpful if we could name some places or states that falls into these factors and then we’ll see which states falls more into these components that needed consideration when selecting the right, best, and cheapest places to retire.

  6. Great article. I think when I am ready to retire I’ll retire to Florida, given its warm climate and close proximity to the Caribbean.