Top 5 Free Money Saving Apps

Personal finance expert Jean Chatzky lends AARP The Magazine her money saving expertise, here is her list of the 5 best money-saving mobile applications. Read more at


How You Save: Helps you learn if you can get a better deal elsewhere — on almost anything

How It Works: You scan the bar code of an item, and the app shoots back prices from competing stores and online merchants. See a better price? Use the app to buy the item, and some stores will have it waiting when you arrive. Bonus trick: Scan a book’s bar code, and the app finds nearby libraries with a copy.

Why Jean Loves It: It gives me peace of mind. I feel new confidence that I’m getting the lowest price possible.

2.     SLICE

How You Save: Organizes online-shopping email, such as order confirmations and shipping info

How It Works: You provide up to five addresses where you get email (they can be Gmail, Yahoo!, AOL, Hotmail or iCloud/MobileMe). The app sorts through your in-boxes to gather and organize all your shopping-related messages, including receipts for online purchases and vouchers from daily-deal sites.

Why Jean Loves It: It saves me a headache! I don’t have to search my email in-box for receipts, and I can track packages easily.


How You Save: Helps you search for — and then redeem — coupons

How It Works: You browse for online, printable or mobile coupons by retailer or product type, either on or via the mobile app. Take printable coupons to the store the old-fashioned way; for mobile coupons, just show your phone to the cashier to get the savings.

Why Jean Loves It: I get the savings without investing hours clipping and organizing. And no rifling through an envelope at checkout.

4.     KEY RING

How You Save: Makes sure you’ve always got your loyalty-card data on hand at checkout

How It Works: You scan your loyalty cards with your smartphone, then put them away. When you pay for something in a store, the cashier scans your smartphone’s screen to get your loyalty-account information. You can also use the app to sign up for other loyalty programs.

Why Jean Loves It: I have a lighter key chain, plus an Rx Savings extra that can shave 10 to 75 percent off Food and Drug Administration — approved medications.

5.     WAZE

            How You Save: Lowers your gas-pump bills by steering you around traffic jams

            How It Works: You drive around with the app open. Your phone automatically reports your speed to a central database based on GPS readings. Other drivers’       phones are doing this too, giving you all real-time updates on local traffic. If there’s a backup ahead, you get a voice alert suggesting another route.

            Why Jean Loves It:  I save on more than just gas: With less time at the wheel, I have more time to spend at home.






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  1. Wow, I had no idea these apps existed! I’m excited to try them out and to share with others. thanks so much for sharing. Most people dont realize that saving money on these “little” things can actually save them a ton of money. Thanks again!

  2. I didn’t know that such Apps are available free for money saving. Thanks to share it with us. However COUPON SHERPA and REDLASER are helpful for me.