Top 5 Places To Retire

September 15th, 2006  |  Published in Retirement  |  2 Comments

Yep, it’s another Top X list about retirement! This time, it’s the best places to retire.

? Walla Walla, Wash.
The typical 3-bedroom home will run you a mere $275k plus $3,500 to $4,100 in property taxes but it’s the ambiance that appears to have put this one on the list. “This southeastern Washington town has become a destination for wine connoisseurs, urban refugees and roving retirees, despite its out-of-the-way location. 19th century Italianate-style commercial buildings are being revamped to house art galleries, bookstores and restaurants.” Another plus? 0% income tax!

? St. Simons Island, Ga.
A three bedroom home will cost $360k with property taxes in the neighborhood of $3,600. “Five miles off the coast of Brunswick, Ga., the island enjoys summerlike weather almost seven months of the year.” Ooooh, sounds nice!

? Prescott, Ariz.
$390k for a 3-bedroom home, property taxes a mere $3,700, and you only have to share it with 40k people. “Prescott attracts retirees who enjoy being outdoors, with more than 6 golf courses, and the Prescott National Forest, which offers 450 miles of trails among acres of ponderosa pine.”

? Holland, Mich.
Only $160,000 for a 3-bedroom, $2,700 in taxes, and a flat income tax of 3.9% puts Holland on the list. “Situated on the shores of an inland lake that connects to Lake Michigan, Holland is full of summer fun for beachgoers and sailing aficionados.”

? Williamsburg, Va.
Your typical 3-bedroom house will cost $305,100 with another $1,600 in property taxes but you do get a big piece of history – if you like that stuff. Colonial Williamsburg, a functioning restoration of an 18th-century British colonial capital, makes up the heart of Williamsburg, Va., so you’ve got to like – or at least tolerate – the heritage shtick to make this place home.



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