Retirement Round Up – Benchmarks Reviewed, Order Explained & More

Five Cent Nickel has a post about prioritizing retirement accounts, a topic well understood by a lot of personal finance bloggers but not often talked about. Essentially the order is 401k until match, then Roth, then 401k until max, and then… well, read FCN’s article because he has more options than normal and it’s interesting to peek into another dude’s wallet!

Trent at the Simple Dollar takes some retirement benchmarks from Money and puts them in context. It really puts things into perspective once you start talking real numbers and not multiples.

Jeremy at Gen X Finance (don’t miss his 24 Signs Of Financial Trouble series) takes Robert Kiyosaki out to the woodshed on his prediction of a stock market bust.

Read Clever Dude’s take on contributing to a 401k without an employer match. While I think you should do it to reduce your taxes and save a little money, his reason is a good one too. (it’s better to save in a 401k and grow tax free than it is to pay taxes as you go outside of one)

Are you young? Are you broke? Excellent! Amanda, of Young and Broke, takes a look at the recent survey about retirement savings and gives a few pointers.






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